The Incredible Connection Between the Art of Storytelling and How We Learn

More than just reciting from a PowerPoint, storytelling creates bonds between teacher and student, and also provides many benefits to the learning experience. Studies have shown that two different parts of the brain light up during any kind of teaching, Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area – used for determining meaning and decoding language. These two parts of the brain do not experience excitement or engagement, often leaving the listener feeling bored. During storytelling, however, all areas of the brain light up that are used to experience the story, so the listener feels much more attentive and interested. So, what is the importance of storytelling for both students and teachers, and how it is a useful tool for learning? Read on to find out!

How does storytelling benefit teachers?

Teachers, especially those who have worked in their industry for many years, often have a wealth of knowledge to share with their students. By utilising storytelling as a teaching method, students feel more connected to their teacher and engaged in the information being shared. It also allows the teacher to speak with passion, rather than reciting off a PowerPoint slide or book. They can share their experiences to leave a mark on the industry and the new generations entering the field.

What benefits can students see from storytelling?

For students, storytelling is a much more engaging method of teaching. Rather than having to remember information from a textbook, storytelling boosts comprehension and listening skills, whilst also garnering interest and engagement. Many people are also far more likely to remember a story as opposed to information on a page, thus storytelling promotes improved memory and helps students to learn faster.

Introducing Alium Works’ Legacy Program – teaching through storytelling

With the art of storytelling in mind, Alium Works has developed our Legacy Program. This program allows for experienced members of the rail industry to share their stories with newcomers for generations to come. Storytelling has proven to be a highly effective method of teaching, and allows teachers, trainers and mentors to venture into their creative side and weave their personal experiences in the industry into their work.

It’s true that a story-based approach to teaching is far more engaging for both student and teacher. Alium Works’ Legacy Program will help to increase the knowledge base within the rail industry, whilst also sharing first-hand experiences with students and newcomers to the industry.

If you would like to share your stories, reach out to the team at Alium Works and enquire about becoming a trainer or mentor in our Legacy Program today!

laura Holloway