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Attract, upskill and keep quality candidates with rail and construction recruitment, training and consulting support


Attract, upskill and keep quality candidates with rail and construction recruitment, training and consulting support

The right talent is the key
to your success

As you know, with a looming skills shortage facing both the rail and construction industries, it’s more important than ever for your organisation to attract and keep good quality talent.

And if you’re reading this, it’s because you know that isn’t easy.

Here’s why: a lot of rail and construction employers are still using the ‘same-same’ approach they always have to acquire and retain talent … the same approach most other employers use.

But there’s a new and better way to do this. A proactive approach to source and upskill talent, truly match the right person with the right job and employer, then provide them with the skills they need to become leaders.

This new way of approaching talent management delivers productive, happy, high-performing employees and a pipeline of future leaders.

The success of your company depends on the strength of its people, which is why we’re so passionate about what we do.

Find out how we can help you attract and keep more of the right talent on a free 15-minute discovery call: 

What we do

We’re not rail and construction recruiters, because our proactive, tech-savvy approach helps you attract, train and retain quality talent.  Here’s how:

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Employer services

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    Attraction and Retention

Find the right person for the job and your organisation, every time… the kind that is inherently suited to the role, is likely to stay in the role, and will grow into a future leader.

This strategy is different to other rail and construction recruitment in that it’s proactive rather than just ‘filling a role’. We work with you to identify the requirements of the role and future skills gap needs in your organisation.

Then we leverage technology including Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assess true role suitability and avoid any of the usual bias that happens in traditional recruitment. That means you get a shortlist of candidates who you know are the right fit. The result? Reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Learn how to get better results from your recruitment activities.

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    Pathway Program

Help new employees ‘hit the ground running’, then stay with you by giving them the practical, industry-relevant skills they need to grow.

Pathway Program is a training, coaching and mentoring program for success, developed for the rail and construction industries.

This program is delivered online through weekly live masterclasses, which means less disruption to productivity, while learning and gaining confidence in subjects like:

  • Industry-specific technical subjects
  • Legal compliance
  • Personal development
  • Professional communication
  • Time management
  • Preparing to lead a team
  • Career management
  • Planning and reporting
  • Workplace health and safety

This program is scalable to suit the needs of your organisation, which means you can enrol one, or a group of your employees.

To provide new employees with a pathway for success and increase productivity, get in touch about the Pathway Program.

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Get the best result from your cadetship program with support finding and keeping the right talent.

Cadetship attraction and retention support
To ensure you find the right candidates for your cadetship, we support you with our innovative and proven attraction and retention service . As well as finding the right future leaders for your organisation, your cadets receive access to our online Pathway Program , designed to build their skills and help them become more productive.

Cadet support services
To boost your in-house capability with your cadetship program, Alium Works also offers the following services:

  • We employ your cadet for the first three months: to ensure your cadet is performing and fits your organisation
  • On-site mentoring and coaching: to accelerate your cadets’ growth, from our experienced industry experts
  • Accredited training management: we take care of the compliance, reporting and paperwork for you

Talk to us today to find out how we make cadetships easy and create a pipeline of future leaders for your organisation.

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Access expert rail and construction industry support on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis with:

  • Project management
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Training and development

Whether you need to get the best result from a project, plan and implement safety measures, or train your team, our experienced team can help on a short or long-term basis.

To find out how to bring in a helping hand and extra capability where it counts, get in touch.

Ready to achieve better people outcomes and increase productivity?

We’re here to help with attraction and retention (otherwise known as recruitment), upskilling and improving efficiency in the rail and construction industries. Find out what we can do for you on a free 15-minute discovery call