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Read this if you want to….

Learn the secrets to land a job you’ll love in rail or construction

Even if you have no experience

You’re here because you want to know the how, where and when, right?

You’re sick of feeling like a failure because you can’t seem to land the right job (even if you’re qualified!).

Or maybe you want to change careers but feel stuck and aren’t sure where to start.

You know you need help, but you’re not even sure what kind and how to get it.

Stop for a moment and picture this: learning everything you need to get a well-paid job you love, in an industry with lots of opportunity for promotion and growth.

If that sounds good, you’re in the right place.

Introducing the Pathway Program

Your new rail and construction career-building secret weapon

Imagine a place where you get:

Clear on a career path that suits you and how to get there
Personal advice on building your career from an expert mentor
The skills you need to confidently land a job and apply for promotions
Support from people like you (the kind who are building their career in rail or construction)
Connected with rail and construction employers

That’s what you get with the Pathway Program. As industry experts, we’ve created the right mix of coaching, mentoring and online lessons for future leaders in rail and construction.

You’ll learn everything you need to confidently land a job in rail or construction and be successful in your career.

But don’t just take it from us – watch this 90-second video

Here’s what you get in the Pathway Program

It’s everything you need to succeed in rail and construction, delivered online so you can catch up whenever you want:


1-on-1 career mentoring

You’ll get personal support from an experienced industry mentor every month

60 minute LIVE masterclasses

Get insights from our team of experts and guests on career building skills that get you the job you want

A job application toolkit

Learn how to get your resume read and nail an interview with our templates and lessons

Catch up in your own time

You’ll keep up to date when it suits you with access to our online learning portal

Live guest speakers every month

You’ll get job and career boosting advice from experienced industry experts

Support from our community

With access to our private Pathway Program facebook group and social groups

Highly recommend Alium Works to anyone who is feeling lost and wants to kickstart their career…

“I approached Alium Works because I was looking for a change in my career. It was such a big step coming from a retail background but having support and mentors alongside me for the whole journey has been amazing!

A HUGE thank you to the Alium Works team for their unique program and ongoing support to help me excel in my career path. I highly recommend Alium Works to anyone who is feeling lost and wants to kick-start their career.”

Christine A. – Systems Support

It’s been an amazing journey…

“Switching from a Retail background to the Rail Industry was the most terrifying decision I’ve ever made. I doubt I would have survived if it wasn’t for the support I found through the Alium Works team and my host employer.

The idea of having a mentor to guide and support you through something completely foreign was so warming. You have the opportunity to reach out to mentors at any time and they were always so willing to help. It’s been an amazing journey and to anyone who is second-guessing if they have the ability to make the jump, I can promise that it’s not as scary when you’ve got someone to catch you.”

Erin M. Award Winning Safety Coordinator

I would not have come this far without you guys guiding me with each and every step to achieve my goals…

“I was looking for guidance and training to better my career opportunities in the rail industry but didn’t know where to start or who to talk to.

Alium Works provided the right support with their Pathway Program, delivering the right mix of online training and mentoring that has helped me build my skills, knowledge, personal development, and qualifications in the Rail and Infrastructure industry. In particular, the mentoring program has helped me increase my confidence and identify my career goals.

I would not have come this far without you guys guiding me with each and every step to achieve my goals. I appreciate all the help and support I am continuing to receive.”

Shahzad S.Team Leader

Here are some of the hot topics you’ll learn about in the Pathway Program to success

Career planning to help you find your ideal employer
Professional communication skills to help you get ahead
How to do facial profiling
How to plan and report like a pro
Project and safety management skills you need in rail and construction
How to get your resume up to scratch and nail that job interview
The skills you need to move into a leadership role
Understand your legal obligations without the legal talk

It’s your step-by-step pathway to success in rail and construction, with everything you need to succeed in just 2 hours a week.

Here’s what our members have to say about the Pathway Program

Ready to get on the pathway to success?

Here’s a reminder of what you’ll get when you join the Pathway Program:

Boost your job-seeking, career-building capabilities
You’ll get personalised rail and construction career advice with a 1-on-1 mentoring call with an industry expert every month


Real-life industry shortcuts and experience that would usually take years to learn
With live weekly masterclasses featuring industry experts, guest speakers and hot topics for rail and construction career builders.


Catch up in your own time and choose the topics you need to boost your skills and career, whenever you need them
You’ll never miss out on what matters to you with access to our online learning portal, with rail and construction career builder lessons, our exclusive Get Hired training with a pro resume template, and masterclass recordings (where we cut out any fluff and leave in the very best bits).


Jump the queue and get your profile promoted to thousands of rail and construction employers
Every time you apply for a job you put your resume in front of just one employer. So just imagine your profile being shown to thousands of rail and construction employers… that’s what you’ll have the chance to do with our feature member promotions.


Find out how to use your in-built superpowers to get ahead, fast
Get started by finding out what your greatest strengths are to accelerate your career and development with a Harrison Assessment Report


Total Value


Plus support from a community of motivated rail and construction career builders like you in our private Facebook Group

It’s $2,185 worth of value, for just $97 a month.

So it’s time to ask you a question: if nothing changes, what will your career and life look like 1 year from now?

If you’re ready to take action to feel proud of what you’ve achieved, your Pathway awaits:

Starter Pathway:

3-month membership
$291 every 3 months

Minimum 3 months commitment

Pathway Plus:

6-month membership
$485 every 6 months

Get 6 months, pay for 5 (save $97)

Receive an exclusive bonus valued at $197:

A Mock interview

Pathway Accelerator:

12-month membership
$997 every 12 months

Get 6 weeks free

(save $167)

Receive 2 exclusive bonuses valued at $494:

A Mock interview valued at $197

LinkedIn Profile Review valued at $297


Money-back guarantee

We’re so confident about the Pathway Program, that if you’re not satisfied within 14 days and have attended at least 2 masterclasses, we’ll refund your money.


Got questions? We’ve got answers:

Why do I need the Pathway Program?

You’re reading this right now because you’re sick of feeling stuck and you want to get ahead. Maybe you are new to the industry and want to accelerate your career. This program will help you prepare for the career you want to take you from stuck to successful. How? By giving you the support, mentoring, coaching and tools to stand out from the pack.

Who is the Pathway Program for?

Job seekers, anyone who wants to get promoted, students who want to prepare to land the job they really want after they finish their studies, anyone returning to the workforce or people who just want to get ahead. This program gives you the confidence for the career you want, instead of settling for the job that’s available.

I’m a leader and have team members that I’d like to do this program. Do you work with corporate clients?

Absolutely, we work with medium to large size organisations by working and upskilling their internal teams. This also gives our community a wider network to tap into.

How much is it?

Click here for pricing. You have the option of a monthly membership which you can cancel at any time, or save with a 12-month membership.

Where is it held?

The Pathway Program is an online program you can access via our Online Learning Portal. Live Lessons are also broadcast in our private Facebook Group. If you miss a lesson, you can catch up online. That means you can do this program in your own time.

How much time will it take a week?

It’s about 2 hours maximum. If that sounds like a lot this program isn’t for you… In fact, let us ask you: what’s it worth to you to finally get ahead?

What if I fall behind?

All of the resources and call recordings are available online, so you can catch up or geek out on the library whenever you want. As a membership, the topics each month change, but if there’s a hot topic you need help with you can check out the library or ask questions on your mentoring call.

What do you mean by support?

You’ll have access to our private Facebook Group of people like you that want to get ahead. Plus we hold social events throughout the year so you can meet the group.

What are the mentoring calls?

These are 1-on-1 calls you’ll have with a successful career mentor or one of our experienced team. This time is where you get to talk about you: your goals, what you need to improve on, and ask confidential questions.

What if I have a specific question? (about say, group interview skills)

You can ask in our private Facebook Group, search our library of resources, or chat 1-on-1 during your monthly mentoring call.

What’s your refund policy?

We are so confident in the Pathway Program, we guarantee it. If you’re not satisfied after one month and you’ve attended at least three masterclasses in that month, we’ll refund your money.

Scrolled straight to the bottom?

We get it, this is a long page. You don’t like to waste time, so click here to read a summary of the Pathway Program .