On the outside, a person may appear fit and healthy – but you have no idea what is happening in their mind. Mental health is crucial for well-being and can affect anyone at any time. Poor mental health can be debilitating and affect both your work and personal life. 

We understand that the construction and rail industries are in dire need of some help and attention in the mental health and wellness space. In male-dominated fields such as these, the general mindset tends to be “I’ll be ‘right”, and an individuals’ thoughts and feelings are not discussed or acknowledged to be of potential issue.

You may also be wondering, what is Mental Health First Aid training?

Coming soon, Alium Works is delivering a new course along the same vein as physical First Aid training. Rather than learning how to apply a bandage, our mental health first aid training will equip individuals to know how to have the conversation with someone experiencing mental health issues or crises within the workplace, until the appropriate professional help can be provided. The training also focuses on providing the confidence to recognise the signs of and provide initial support to someone experiencing a mental health problem or crisis.

Alium Works strives to value mental health as you would physical health. There can be many factors that affect an individuals’ mental health, and Mental Health First Aid training is a step in the right direction to educate workplaces on how to appropriately manage and support mental health and crises.

Let’s remove the stigma around mental health by having the conversations – especially in these male-dominated industries where it can be hard to discuss.

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