Bringing the brightest talents to the most rewarding careers

The makings of a truly rewarding career hinge on three factors: the right people, the right destination and the right opportunity.  Here at Alium Works, our sole aim is to bring these three elements together within the railway and infrastructure industry by:

  • Partnering with reputable host companies in need of dedicated, accredited industry talent
  • Accrediting and placing committed, career-minded cadets onto defined pathways to success – perfect for leadership development
  • Offering mentorship opportunities to those ready to build their legacy by guiding tomorrow’s leaders

People are the key resource in any business and we are in the business of understanding the specific work health & safety personnel needs of individual companies and keeping their talent pipeline full.  It’s important that businesses get this right and that’s why it’s important you connect with a business that knows how to prepare good applicants for great leadership careers in safety.

“Railway and Infrastructure projects and careers are both set for a steep growth trajectory.  Are you ready for more opportunities, demands on resource, more growth?  Our specially designed, accelerated cadetships help us link exceptional talent to opportunities to shine in an industry that values leadership and rewards quality.”  Ann Tomlinson, Director on why Alium Works

Lead the way in workplace health & safety

Taking control of your career can be fulfilling, daunting at times and rewarding.  At Alium Works, we throw the full weight of our experience and expertise behind each one of our successful cadetship applicants.  Whether you are:

  • Considering your next steps after during your school gap year, Tafe or Uni
  • Returning to the workforce after some time away
  • Seeking to establish yourself with a new direction in life

Alium Works is always actively looking for potential cadets to enter our accelerated programs geared towards offering you every possible opportunity to build a career in safety within a respected company.  The rest is up to you.

We should talk about how best to get you started.  Contact us today about what you can do tomorrow to launch your rail and infrastructure career.


Are you looking for a new and rewarding career that can really take you places?


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