At Alium Works, we believe that today’s youth is tomorrow’s business
success that will change the world that we live in.
Creating The Next
Generation in Safety
At Alium Works, we believe that diversity is key to creating a new generation of leaders in rail and infrastructure.
The Future of
Rail and Infrastructure
Starts with You.


Are you looking for a new and rewarding career that can really take you places?


Are you wanting to leave a legacy and a wealth of knowledge to someone starting out?


Are you searching for your newest team member who can make a difference from day one?

Do you want a career in workplace health and safety?

Alium Works has created a program that pairs suitable candidates with experienced mentors and top tier organisations for an innovative approach to health and safety training. The result is job-ready, skilled safety officers, able to join the workforce and provide value from day one.
Experienced teachers lead the theory. Seasoned mentors pass on their valuable knowledge. Respected companies show how it’s done in the field.
Our cadets graduate confident in their abilities and ready to commence their careers.

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