The Crucial Reason White-Collar Traineeships Are Highly Valuable to the Australian Rail Industry


White-collar traineeships are an important and highly valuable resource within the Australian rail industry…so why are they so often overlooked? In order for the Aussie rail industry to thrive and survive, we MUST start placing the same value on white-collar roles (especially traineeships and apprenticeships) as we do on their blue-collar counterparts. Here’s why…

The importance of safety, management and administration in the rail industry

As with many industries where manual labour is seen as the ‘primary’ type of role, the Australian rail industry tends to place lesser importance on the ‘paperwork’ side of things, especially surrounding safety, management and other administrative aspects.

Regardless of the reasons for this, the fact remains that safety, coordination, management and other facets that fall within the white-collar department are all just as important as physically getting the job done. In fact, without these roles running parallel to blue-collar work, the job simply wouldn’t get done in the most efficient, effective and, most importantly, safest manner.

Working together to create more opportunities for white-collar traineeships to enter the industry

In order for us to adjust the current attitudes towards white-collar traineeships within the Aussie rail industry, it is important that we, as companies, employees, trainees, and the industry as a whole, work together to break the stigma and appreciate the hard work of our white-collar rail professionals.

We must support the transition of experienced and knowledgeable blue-collar staff into white-collar roles where they can ensure their skills are passed on for generations to come.

We must provide opportunities for young Australians to gain quality training and education and enter the industry as eager, skilled white-collar professionals in their chosen field.

We must allow rail employees of all backgrounds and experience levels the opportunity to broaden their skillsets, learn new things and gain qualifications that will help keep them safe on the job, open their mindsets and set them up with a range of career development options for years to come.

Now is the time to act as an industry!

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