For many rail and construction industry professionals, their work is more than just a job, it’s a passion that has been part of their lives for decades. For these professionals, there will come a time to make important decisions about their future within the industry. Whether facing injury, retirement or simply seeking a career change that still keeps them close to the work they love, these professionals should be given the chance to continue working at their own capacity and leave their legacy.

That’s exactly what we offer here at Alium Works through mentorship and training programs. If you are one of the industry professionals we’ve mentioned above, keep reading to learn more!

What Value Does Expert Mentorship Hold for The Rail and Construction Industries?

Mentorship and training hold immense value, not only for new entrants to the industry, but for experts as well. For instance, people entering the industry can benefit from insights, tips and wisdom shared by experienced mentors, helping them to become more confident in their skills and preparing them for their career ahead.

For industry experts, sharing knowledge is the best way to ensure a strong and valuable legacy is left behind after retirement. They can rest assured that their years of hard work are not going to waste.

What Kind of Knowledge is Worth Passing on to People Entering the Industry?

Insights surrounding safety, where and how to find industry-related resources and general tips for entering the industry and ‘climbing the ladder’ to build a successful career are just a few of the highly valuable pieces of knowledge that are worth sharing.

As an industry expert, what kind of knowledge could you offer to share that would help the industry as a whole?

How Can I Share My Knowledge as a Rail or Construction Industry Expert?

You can join the Legacy LinkedIn Group which works as a central hub and supportive community for mentors and trainers. There you will find a space where best practices and opportunities for work can be shared and discussed, along with plenty of networking prospects.

If you’re interested in becoming an Alium Works mentor, simply chat with the team at Alium Works to put your name forward. Our students’ studies will eventually help them enter the industry, so we love to be able to offer the wisdom and guidance of experienced experts who are happy to help them excel.