Every journey begins with a single step (Loa Tzu)

This is the Story Behind the Pioneering Cert IV Rail Training

The story of the newly-coded Alium Works ‘Certificate IV in Rail Safety Management ’ is a 3 year journey—but far more than that, it’s a tale of industry dedication, collaboration, and a commitment to making rail travel safer for all, but dramatically improving professional development in rail safety.

2021: The Origin of the Course & the TAC

The seeds of this remarka

Cert IV rail training

ble course were sown in 2021 and 2022 when Australian Industry Standards (AIS) embarked on a transformative mission.

Supported by 14 subject matter experts hailing from industry giants, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), vigilant regulators, and dedicated unions, a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was formed.

Their mission? To evaluate and consolidate the Certificate IV in Rail Safety Management and the Certificate IV in Rail Investigation. This wasn’t a task taken lightly. The TAC knew that the future of rail safety education depended on their collective wisdom and expertise.

Hours of discussions, meticulous reviews, and industry consultations followed, all with one aim – to bolster the training, professional development, and education offered to those safeguarding our railways.

The outcome of this thorough industry consultation was clear: the new Certificate IV in Rail Safety Management deserved to stand on its own merits.

While some refinements were made to individual competency units, the core structure of the Rail Safety Management course remained unaltered. It was about recognizing what worked and preserving the essence of a successful rail safety management education program .

Yet, change is the only constant. To ensure that this course aligned even more closely with the ever-evolving industry needs, specific competency units were updated. This was not merely an exercise in revision; it was a testament to the course’s adaptability and its commitment to staying relevant.

2022: Green Light to Go Ahead

Fast forward to October 2022, and the course had successfully navigated its journey through the rigorous TAC review.

It received the green light from the Skills Minister, signifying its readiness to step onto a bigger stage. This was the course’s moment to shine, a moment that beckoned a new chapter in rail safety education.

2023: Pilot Program Launches Successfully

As this course takes its first steps into the spotlight, having launched officially in 2023, it’s perfectly aligned with the National Rail Safety Action Plan .

It’s poised to further develop the skills of existing employees and offer an enticing starting point for newcomers venturing into the rail industry.

This isn’t just a course; it’s a commitment to a safer rail industry. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration, expertise, and industry dedication to improve professional development in rail safety across Australia.

And it all began with that crucial first step – the formation of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) in 2021. Join us on this mission, together, we’ll contribute to a safer, more informed, and resilient rail industry—one conversation and one rail safety trainee at a time.

Alium Works are trusted providers of professional development in rail safety.  Join us for expert-led railway safety management education—and start your journey to excellence in rail safety management today! Learn more about the Certificate IV in Rail Safety Management course and, when you’re ready, enrol.