It’s well known that tertiary education is an excellent way to further your career in a specific field, or gain valuable skills and knowledge to assist in entering a new career, we call this upskilling.

Below we’ll discuss some of the institutional issues affecting course completion rates in Australia, and how Alium Works strives to overcome these to deliver positive outcomes through course satisfaction, resulting in engagement, ultimately leading to successful completion for our students.

Ongoing support

Whilst there are hundreds of different courses that can be completed through State-run TAFE (Technical and Further Education) programs or through private organisations. It should then be noted that certain factors can affect the completion rates of courses in Australia, in particular Certificate IV courses, which can be by fault of the institution or issues for the individual such as personal stresses etc

Many students cite a lack of support as being the reason for their non completion of their courses, we get it, adult learning is hard and we appreciate the challenges faced when juggling family, work and recreational activities. However in saying that we also appreciate the true value of completing a Certificate IV or Diploma and upskilling in your career, we understand the doors it can open and the satisfaction that can bring.

Our team at Alium Works aim to challenge the industry norm by providing flexible learning options supported by the student’s workplace and access to support from subject matter experts.

Economic Factors

Unlike University education, many tertiary courses through TAFE and private organisations require up-front fees or ongoing payments for their courses. For some individuals, these fees may be out of their financial range, limiting course access to only those that can afford it.

Some states, such as Victoria and Western Australia, offer free courses under governmental initiatives, but many are yet to follow suit.

Alium Works provides a more cost-effective alternative to the government TAFE courses – those which do not have initiatives – to ensure that our Certificate IV course is accessible to more people through a number of options including our flexible payment option Zeefi.

Teaching and Course Satisfaction

The impact of teachers and the way each delivers a course can greatly affect overall satisfaction and completion.

According to the NSW Government’s 2016 report on VET Completion and Participation1, the quality of teaching and the delivery of course material correlated with the overall level of course satisfaction.

Think back to your school days – was there a subject you didn’t like because of the teacher? That is what we still see, even in tertiary education, this is where we aim to be different.

The courses Alium Works provides are conducted by experienced industry professionals who offer above standard support and strive to achieve positive outcomes with and for all students, ensuring that course satisfaction, and subsequent completion remain at high levels.

Alium Works are always looking to further the careers of those in the rail and construction industries, and provide opportunities for those seeking a new career. Through affordable course pricing and experienced professionals delivering courses, Alium Works consistently sees high levels of course completion in every cohort which is further supported by our student support iniatives.

As a result of this, our students get the best chance at a fulfilling & fast tracking a new career, and employers get graduates who are highly qualified and motivated to excel in their careers.


Thank you for reading to the end of this blog, you may benefit from downloading the adult tips and tricks study guide prepared by the team at Alium works below 🙂